today i begin blogging. therapy i'm calling it. a way to vent, a way to relax, a way to share, even if it's only with myself. a way to relieve boredom, stress, anger, happiness, sadness. a way to put my thoughts on paper, wherever that may lead me.

Friday, April 15, 2011


The air is no longer is smoke, eyes watering, nose this a nightmare or scary movie?  It is noon, yet the sky is a hazy orange, nothing looks real, only ghost like.

The winds don't stop...ever blowing, now blowing the fire closer...and closer....

I cry for those who are in it's path, I cry because I'm scared, uncertainty hanging in the air with the thick smoke.  Ashes lay on my porch, black ones and gray ones.....what the hell is happening?

Are we being punished for something, or is this just a bad joke?  Wildfires started by lightning...thunderstorms where no rain follows.  It must be a practical joke, surely this isn't reality.

Looking out my window, the eerie day looms, the winds whipping the tree branches, the American flag on it's pole in the park....this way...that way, apparently the fire is doing the same, moving this way....that way...

I'm in a trance, not wanting to move....I might miss some news of the fires here I sit, hands on keyboard, eyes on monitor, back & forth from site to site, craving an update, praying I wake up and it was just a dream.......

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