today i begin blogging. therapy i'm calling it. a way to vent, a way to relax, a way to share, even if it's only with myself. a way to relieve boredom, stress, anger, happiness, sadness. a way to put my thoughts on paper, wherever that may lead me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The big and little of it.....

I wonder who is in charge of our daily lives.  Some say God, some say "we are".  I believe the latter, at least with the daily routines of life.  I realize I'm not in charge of "the big picture", but feel like I have a hand in the smaller pictures.

I'm not a mechanical person, so to speak.  I can do simple things, but leave more technical things to my better half.  Well, honestly I think he needs a tune-up!

I've been on a lawnmower saga lately.  My riding mower has a vendetta against me.  Can machines hate people?  Granted, I give my little green pony a  hard time sometimes, but when he's running, I take advantage.

Add in the smaller mechanical problems from my push mower, and my old truck, and call it "disaster on wheels on St. Ann street".  I won't go into details, it would take too long, and who cares about broken down mowers anyway.  But for the record, something has a grudge against me lately.  Surely not Mother Earth, she enjoys being pampered.  Being rained on, allowing the grass growing, and mowing is like sweeping a dirty floor, all is beautiful and clean looking in the end.  Weed eating is like trimming a man's nose or ear hairs, so nice and neat looking when the job is done.

Mother Earth and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.  My dad introduced me to her, way back, when I was just a child.  We lost touch with each other for some time, but have been the best of friends for the last 25+ years.  We know each other well enough to call each other a bitch from time to time, but for the most part, we are the best of friends.

She shines down on my little Oasis, and I've had a few different ones over the years, with this one being my last I hope.  Maybe it's because I love her so much, but she always makes things grow for me.  She was hurting really badly for a couple of years, desperation was a daily fact.  But Mother Nature has blessed us this year so far, and we we are both smiling from ear to ear.

But I'm not smiling at my four-wheeled friends.  I am seething, hissing, cussing, and even crying from time to time. 

Oh well, tomorrow is another day, my trusty "mechanic" will hopefully work his magic, cough, cough, and I will be back in business until the next time I insert the key, or engage the blade, but hey, one day of mowing is better than no days of mowing.

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  1. See you and I both figured out how to get back into our blogs. Yay for us. I hear about the mowers all the time in great detail so I can share with you on your frustration. Love the pretty pic by the bird bath